Hola and Welcome


I'm Sara Pastrana,
the artist behind Flourishing Fibers.

I'm a full-time designer based in Los Angeles, California. I have a son that I just adore. He is my motivation and my number one fan. You can frequently see him posting the sweetest comments on my Instagram feed. ♥

When I started my embroidery journey over 6 years ago, I was experimenting with all sorts of materials. I ultimately found my niche working with wood and paper. Over the years, my journey has transformed from experiment, to hobby, to passion.

Embroidering unconventional materials allows me to be both creative and technical. Each piece I create challenges me to find a balance between what I envision and how it’s going to be achieved. The design process is fun, relaxing and without many restrictions but the execution requires meticulous planning. In the end, it is the thread that really brings the work to life.

As a designer and artist, I have cultivated Flourishing Fibers as a sort of safe space where I can simply create. My main focus is getting the ideas living in my head into reality. This has required its own journey of learning and honing my skills as a woodworker and CNC enthusiast.

My inspiration often comes from opposite ends of the spectrum. Some designs are inspired by nature, while others are inspired by geometry. I find beauty in the symmetry and repetitiveness of patterns just as much as the fluidity of nature.    

I put a lot of myself in my work and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Thank you for stopping by. I truly appreciate every single one of you. To learn more, check out the FAQ page. If you have any questions or just want to say hola! click here. Also, head over to my Instagram to see what I am currently working on.