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Do you do custom orders?

Thank you for inquiring but unfortunately I cannot take on any custom or personalized projects. My main focus is to create work that I'm passionate about and sometimes taking on custom orders starts feeling like a job not so much a passion.

How do you clean and care for one of your art pieces?

For both wood and paper embroidered pieces please avoid all contact with water. 
Wood embroidered pieces only require light dusting as needed.
For paper embroidered pieces I highly recommend that you frame it. If you choose not to frame it, light dusting as needed. If you choose to display it on a wall without a frame I highly recommend a low tack tape like washi tape.

What type of thread do you use?

I use DMC floss for all of my projects.

What type of wood do you use for your wood embroidery?

The type of wood used is listed in the details of each piece. My two favorite wood species are Maple and Walnut but I don't limit myself to just those two species. I always use domestic woods. You will never see pieces made from exotic woods in my shop.

How is the wood finished or sealed?

Depending on the project and the type of wood I will either use board wax that is handmade and 100% FDA approved made by local makers in Southern California or I will use water-based poly.

Do you sell kits or patterns?

Not at the moment. But if and when I do, Instagram will be the place to hear about it.

Love one of your pieces but it is sold out, when will you re-stock?

If an item is sold out I will most likely not restock. Each piece that I create is one-of-a-kind and I don’t intend to recreate an exact copy. If I choose to bring a design back it will never be reproduced it in the same colors and the design might also be modified or improved.

How do you make these?

Process for each piece is pretty lengthy. It starts with a rough idea of a concept then goes into design and 3D modeling phase, then prototypes to figure out some of the kinks in the design to finally producing and embroidering. To get a better understanding of this process, check out my Instagram story highlights. I’m very active in sharing behind the scenes on how things are made.

What’s is that fancy machine I see in your Instagram stories?

That is a CNC machine. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. If you google it you will find all sorts of information on how they work. I won't go into it here because it's pretty technical and boring stuff. But I use my CNC to mill out my wood panels. The brand of my machine is ICONIC CNC, they are a great company. If you are in the market for a CNC I highly recommend for you to check them out.

Why do I have to pay sales tax?

Flourishing Fibers is based in California. California law requires me to charge tax on all California sales. So if your address is from Cali you will be charged a 10% tax. Sorry :(